Where allopathic drugs are getting mixed in Siddha preparations

One Siddha practitioner recently asked us to comment about the act of some companies mixing the allopathic drugs in ISM drugs manufactured by them and are marketed.

The fact is that some companies may be admixing allopathic drugs in ISM preparations only to make them efficacious. Such preparations are falsely promoted as true ISM drugs. Definitely such preparations would give curative effect depending upon which allopathic drug has been used. It is indeed a crime exactly like how the Siddha practitioners prescribing allopathic drugs.

We see a strong similarity between the above two. In the case of those companies who mix the allopathic drugs in ISM preparations are doing at the ‘drug/medicine’ level and which is in contravention to law.   The patients are given these preparations which are the combinations of both allopathic and herbal mix. In most cases the allopathic drugs will work but the credit for such therapeutic benefit would squarely goes to ISM preparation as these preparations are dispensed to patients only as ISM drugs.

In the case of some Siddha practitioners prescribing allopathic drugs, they handle the situation very smartly. We learned that pain & fever relieving drugs, some antibiotics and anti allergic drugs are the three main types of allopathic drugs generally prescribed to most patients.   Along with the above prescription, some Siddha preparations like churnam, lehiyam and thailams are also given to make sure that they do not prescribe only allopathic drugs.

Some of the Siddha practitioners intelligently impress upon the gullible rural patients that these drugs (allopathic drugs) have to be taken just for 3-6 days and only the Siddha preparations are the main prescriptions and that only would give complete cure to their problem. The quantity of dispensed Siddha preparations such as lehiyam, churnam, thailam etc., are always high and hence the patients would naturally use them for more number of days.   Because of the quantity, the patients could naturally recall only the Siddha preparations easily than the allopathic drugs that they have used for 3-6 days, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.   Most patients do believe that only the Siddha preparation has cured their fever, bacterial infection etc.

The treatment benefit/success would have predominantly come from allopathic drugs but the credit is smartly reserved for Siddha system, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.

Who benefits the best from the above ‘gimmickry’? Definitely, the Siddha practitioner benefits the best. Patients have every reason to respect the Siddha practitioner as he/she had given them cure.   Who really get fooled are the innocent patients and the Government (both the state and Union) as the Government spent heavily the tax payer’s money to develop the system.

Some companies are mixing (if it is true, as stated by a Siddha practitioner) allopathic drugs in ISM preparations, they are doing at the drug level and such drugs are given to the patients.

Similar to that the Siddha practitioners (some) are prescribing both the allopathic drugs and Siddha preparations to the patients’ and both drugs are getting mixed in the system patients, said Dr. Abdul Abbas. In result, in both cases Siddha drugs and allopathic drugs are getting mixed, may be in the former case, at ‘ex situ in vivo’ level and in the later case at ‘in situ in vivo’ stage.

With the limited knowledge in law, to me itself, such an act of some companies and Siddha practitioners prescribing allopathic drugs and Siddha drugs, both appears same and should attract same kind of punishment.

It looks like our precious Siddha system survives today only on its ‘pseudo-image’ than in its real merit, painfully stated by one Siddha practitioner.

The Siddha system has several wonderful remedies that can offer great relief to human ailments. The world would wonder at Siddha system if these true merits of the system are showcased to the world.

Unfortunately a historic mistake has happened in defining and positioning the system. The Siddha system is relief and health providing system and not a medical system. If the historic mistake is corrected by re-defining the system as non medical system and legally prohibit the Siddha practitioners prescribing allopathic drugs, we are sure the system can be promoted gloriously.

We honestly appeal to our beloved Amma J Jayalalithaa to guide the government of Tamil Nadu and beloved Prime Minister Modiji to do the needful in this regard.


Dr S Ranganathan


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