Follow the HR rule of Komodo

The adult Komodo dragons are known to kill and eat the young komodos. Therefore the young ones as soon as they emerge from eggs must climbs the tree quickly and remain at the top canopy until they grow big.  The adult Komodo dragons cannot climb the tree as they are quite heavy.

The interesting question is that why the adult Komodo dragons kill and eat young animals of own clan? If we think the above strange and reclusive behaviour of the adult Komodo dragons from the emotional point of view, we may feel sad for the young Komodo dragons and may describe the adult animal to be harsh and cruel. Always emotion will prohibit people from seeing the truth and knowing the true meaning of evolution.

To live as Komodo dragon is not that easy. Therefore developing strong young ones is important for preserving their future generation. If a young animal that does not know how to climb and does not know how to save itself, it is considered as weak. If these weak animals are allowed to survive and if these weaker animals get a chance to produce offspring, naturally the offspring also will be weak. Such situation will do no good to the future generation of Komodo dragons.

Therefore the weaker ones are eliminated unemotionally by the adult animals.   In the world of komodo dragons, there is no room for mercy or sympathy as far as entertaining the weaker animals are concerned. They want only the stronger ones to survive. The stronger young ones are measured based of their smart and swift approach in saving and safeguarding themselves. If they fail to do so, they are weak and hence are eliminated.

The corporate bosses must remember the above management fundamental. If incapability, indifference and attitudinal issues are seen in some employees, they have to be shown the door immediately. In the name of mentoring, supporting, tutoring, developing etc., the people with such attitudinal defects, incapability and indifference should not be entertained.

The family owned organizations and the organizations that are run by the entrepreneurs directly are the one suffers the worst from such malady.   Emotion likely to dominate in such organization and therefore the likes of the directors, Presidents etc., prevail more than the truth, facts and welfare of the organization.

In family centric organizations, without emotion, people cannot dialogue and discuss. Professionalism is cannot exist in such organization as the owners conduct every situation only emotionally and from ‘I’ centric style.

Every event in nature has great significance and meaning therefore people must develop inquisitiveness to learn and admire the beauty and vibrancy of nature.   Be a nature lover and be a good corporate leader.

Dr S Ranganathan

ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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