Career growth versus job retention…check are you a deep sea clam

Deep sea clams are considered to the longest living animals on earth. The scientific studies have proved the existence of the deep sea clams beyond 500 years of age. More shocking thing about this bivalve is their extremely slow rate of growth. It is reported that the deep sea clam grow very slow, astonishingly much slower than what one could imagine. It takes 100 years for this animal to grow a few millimeters of length.

Slower the growth will naturally favour greater the length of life is the message one can learn from the life of deep sea clam. Many employees in corporate do follow the same philosophy. They seldom aspires any growth, career achievements, progress and better prospects in life and thereby tries to live long in the same designation and same organization. Only when one aspires, problems sprout and otherwise life would go mundane without any problems.

Many people seldom achieve success and glory in life not because they lack talent or knowledge or capability or competency but purely because they, by default follow the psychology of deep sea clam. They refuse to grow because of fear of death or in other words, most of them love to live long without any flavour and fragrance.

Only goal of many in corporate is to achieve job security in the same organization. They always struggles to maintain the status quo and never showcase what they deserve, never demand if it is denied, never explain the mind and its reasons.   Their only wish is to cling onto the job.

The question is why many are not exploring their talents and opportunities and are scared to take up newer challenges and responsibilities and do not aspires to grow is a mystery. They compromise their career growth and diminish their capabilities just for the sake of retaining the job in the same organization.

Another important management message also the extremely slow growing deep sea clam conveys. Most of the small organizations, organizations that are run directly by the entrepreneurs, companies that are run as family units always venerate people who holds the psychology of deep sea clam. Such people never ask for salary revision, never talk about their contributions but instead always thank the company and the management for everything. Naturally the management of such small units has every reason to feel happy and proud of such ‘deep sea clam people’.

The message is that never love to serve the organization long but also see whether you are growing or not? Measure your growth in several directions and if it is not happening, question the reason and explore the world outside. Never be like a deep sea clam and wish the world to appreciate you as one of the long serving employees.

Let the historians of the world write your success and contributions and not the tenure of your service in the same organization. Let this be your New Year Resolution.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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A fruit of Jamaica to corporate

Should opportunity make us joyful, happy and over exploiting or make us wise, responsible, meaningful and cautious? It is like the difference between ‘privilege’ and ‘freedom’.   The ackee plant of Jamaica conveys an important ‘management’ message to the corporate world with reference to the definition of privilege and freedom (opportunity). Indeed the message is spiritual and evokes the sense of self restrain and responsibility as well.

The fruit of the plant is known to cause the Jamaican vomiting sickness that can lead to coma and sometime even death.   Interestingly this fruit is the national fruit of Jamaica and is cultivated widely for its edible value. The unripe fruits contain the poison – hypoglycin. To eat the delicious fruit, one has to wait until the fruit pulp turn red and open naturally. One should never eat the fruit when it is unripe.

Despite such strong limitation and danger of the unripe fruit containing the poison, still the ripened fruit enjoys great repute in the state of Jamaica. The national dish of the country is prepared with ‘ackee fruit and codfish’ which is considered to be the most delicious dish of the state especially by even those who visit Jamaica.

The management message is that do not go sightless when you see such delicious fruit but be wise and patient. Opportunity is not meant for exploitation and no opportunity should be treated as ‘freedom’. The ripened fruit is very tasty and delicious and if one wants to eat such delicious fruit means, must wait until the fruit ripen, becomes red in colour and opens naturally. Otherwise (if you are impatient) get ready to develop Jamaican vomiting sickness, go to coma state or die.

Most of the corporate people always think that the fallacies, perks and facilities etc., given to them are part of their right and freedom and they deserve also.

The creation of the unique ackee fruits by nature might have a strong purpose to serve.   Only to make people conscious and responsible, the nature would have created ackee fruits. One cannot rush at the fruit when they see it, nor can denounce it because it is poisonous. Even though it is poisonous when it is unripe, but is very delicious and healthy when it ripens.

Opportunities are like ackee fruits. One must use to carefully only then one would find success otherwise, the same wonderful opportunity might turn to become a death trap like the unripe ackee fruit.   Be wise and responsible in your approach and never be a lavish or a prodigal person.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Lt.d., Chennai

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Corporate bosses who are lost in adaptation….

Adaptation is inevitable for success and if so, how adaptation of people in corporate such as sycophants, predators, snatchers, parasites, pathogens etc., can be called bad and unhealthy? Should people remain unbending and rebellious? The question is right and so is its logic. But unfortunately the correct meaning and the context is missing in the above question.

Look at the cactus plants. They are called as xerophytes. They have adapted to live in extremely dry soil devoid of water. They learn to accumulate water in their steam and also have adapted not to loose water. This is at one level. They produce tasty fruits and nectar rich flowers. The animals and plants that are adapted to such dry environment receive the nectar and fruits of the cactus as reward/payment and in return pollinate and disseminate the seeds of the cactus.

The point is not about what type of adaptation one chose. The adaptation of one to ‘what is’, in the given ecosystem is essential for success. So adaptation per se is not bad or unhealthy. But after adapting in the given ecosystem, are they also contributing to the ecosystem in some way is the important question, corporate leaders must ask and understand. Nature has favoured every species/form of life to adapt in the given ecosystem. Nature also supports the possibility of their continuous adaptations to suites to the ever changing ecosystem. But nature also ensures that all species ‘contributes’ to nature for mutual benefit and reward.

In corporate, most of the leaders limit their success and joy in having many sycophants and ‘yes boss people’ around them. The bosses and leaders love to be in the company of such people. The bosses also will offer hefty perks, salary hike, promotion etc., to such people in order to continuously keep those people as sycophants and ‘yes boss people’. Ironically if you are a sycophant of your ultimate boss, you know the art of praising and pleasing them and make them happy by saying exactly opposite of what they are, you need not do anything beyond that. Because, according to your boss, already you have done enough to them by praising and flattering their ego. Then what more you need to do.   The most painful and disgusting fact is that many corporate owners however false it may be, but still wants and believes in people praising them.

The point is not about adaptation either are sycophant or become an ‘yes boss people’, but the failure of the corporate and its leaders to audit the contributions of such people beyond ‘praising, flattering and venerating them’. The bosses who wish their subordinates to do a fantastic job for them by flattering them must ensure that such people to do fantastic job for the corporate also. Unfortunately most bosses miss this aspect. The organizations that are run directly by the owners by being in the helm of affairs without having professionals and the organizations that are run as family unit are the one generally suffers the worst from such possibility.

Corporate need people who can adapt to different situations because the corporate demands are never unidirectional, defined and well doctored.   The market is very dynamic and hence people with quick reflexes and adaptability in sensing and doing the right job is must.

Therefore adaptation is not bad or unhealthy. But never quote or define its meaning out of context. Look at the beauty of nature. No management school on earth can give you such wonderful management insight like what nature throws up to us.

Let people in corporate adapt and be the product of adaptation. Let us not define what product they are as ‘sycophants, predators, climbers, parasites, pathogens etc., but ensure they contribute to the overall growth of the organization.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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Corporate leaders, HR and bearded vulture

Most of the corporate bosses would expect and wants the people around them (subordinates) to respect and revere them as their great leaders. If they experience anything against their expectation and desire, then the leaders even start blaming those who doest not praise and worship them as leaders. The question is how one should prove and display ones leadership dominance in corporate?

Only when one develops the requisite leadership qualities and the right ingredients, people around them would respect them. Therefore the leaders and the corporate bosses must learn this aspect and must develop the requisite qualities, knowledge, wisdom and competency. Above all, the people also must develop the qualities of how to showcase the image that would command respect of people. Such qualities must have attractiveness and uniqueness as well.

Nature has set an example for the corporate bosses to learn about how to establish their leadership dominance. Look at the lammergeyer or bearded vulture. This bird of prey is considered as one of the distinctive and inspiring birds among avifauna.   Some of its special qualities are not the creation of nature or it has from birth and therefore it is different. It makes itself different by knowing and doing right things and that is how it proves its dominance and leader qualities and achieve/gain leader acceptance.

The bearded vulture is known to dye its feathers. They have whitish or beige coloured feathers in the breast and facial regions. The bird is known to dye their feathers with iron rich mud and mineralized clay and make their plumage look brilliant.   They have understood the science of red/shiny colour being the signal of dominance. By colouring their plumage red, they establish their dominance, social status and rank in their flock. More attractively coloured bearded vulture is the one enjoys great respect and acceptance from other members of its community especially during breeding season.

The message is clear. To achieve respect and acceptance as leader, one has to have the wisdom to know what quality or trait they need. Once the requirement is understood, the people also must understand how they can meet such requirement and fill up the gaps.   By knowing the above is not enough they also must engage in doing the right thing to acquire and fulfill the qualities that are essential for leader acceptance. When many animals use their physical strength and aggression to establish their dominance, look at the intelligence of bearded vulture. It is indeed different.

Do not try to use your power, authority or ownership to make your people to respect and accept you. Even if you achieve such respect, such respect of people will not be true, sincere and to your merit. Such respect would only be the outcome of pretensions and falsehood and nothing else. If the corporate bosses and owners settle with such respect and recognition of people, it may however fulfill their ego needs, but definitely it would destroy the culture of the organization.   Progressively, only sycophants and not successful leaders would emerge from such culture.

Learn to decode the best examples of nature. Learn and appreciate the insight and intelligence of bearded vulture and from it, learn your leadership quality as well.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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Leader instinct with no expression

Why always people at the higher positions in corporate like Vice Presidents, Presidents, Directors etc., generally avoid conflicts amongst each other? Even when they have an absolute fact to conflict with the functional head of other department and have the responsibility to defend their team, they avoid conflicts and arguments. Is it because they are culturally more evolved/matured than managers? Is their leadership qualities are exemplary and outstanding; therefore they fight less and avoid conflicts in corporate?

On the contrary, the managers and below the level of managers generally seldom show any resistance or defense when the top management is angry but accepts the blame even if they are no way responsible and then either retreat or escape. Why they behave so?

In simple sense, the bosses (Vice Presidents, Presidents, Directors etc.,) always prefers to avoid conflicts with their counterparts in other departments, whereas the subordinates generally exhibits the tendency to escape from the scene, when there is conflict. Even if someone is caught for wrong reasons, the subordinates often love to run away from the scene in en mass.

The meaning of the word conflict or argument should not be defined as per the dictionary. The fight refers to excise of ones right, responsibility & opinion and debate to bring a logical end to the conflict.

If we are a naturalist and lover of nature, we can learn it better. All the prey animals, however strong and well built they are, always prefers to avoid direct encounter with predators. When they sight the predator, they escape and never experiment.

On the contrary, the predatory animals however strong they might be avoid fighting amongst the species of other predatory animals and tries to co-exist in same habitat. Best examples are the co-existence of lion, hyena, wild dog etc in the same forest ecosystem. The lion even when it is hungry will not run after a hyena to hunt and eat it. Such thing is quite unnatural.   Lion would prefer to wait for other prey animals to hunt.

There are two important leadership qualities of people in corporate we can learn from the above example.

In the case of predatory animals, they all know they are quite strong and are built to hunt. If they fight amongst themselves, example lion with hyena, hyena with fox etc., either of them or both of them would incur loss/casualty. Hence they avoid fighting as much as possible. On the contrary, the prey animals are always vulnerable and are the natural choice of all predators, hence instead of engaging in defense, they generally prefer to escape. As much as possible, they avoid direct conflicts.

This is what exactly happening in most corporate. The people at top management level (Vice President, President, Director etc.,) in corporate if picks up fights between each other, the causality for them would be quite high. So they avoid conflicts as much as possible. On the contrary, the people at manager level are always the natural prey of all those in the top management level. Hence, even if the manager has a point to prove and he or she is right, they cannot afford to do so because they are the most preferred choice to blame for any failure or goof up.

Interestingly the people at top management level wonder at the managers and ask why they are not confident and brave to view their opinion when they feel they are right. Why they don’t come out with facts that are right and convincing? Ironically the corporate and HR would seriously discuss about how to empower these people, how to make them confident, what HR training should be given to them etc.

It is only the strategic adjustment between different predators in the jungle causes worry for the prey animals. Imagine, if the predatory animals fight amongst each other means, no prey animal would be scared of the predators because fighters fight to finish whereas the natural victims can remain safe. The fight amongst two different species of predators always is advantageous to the prey animals. But that doesn’t happen easily. Hence the prey animals fear that they are the natural choice of all predators. It is better to escape than fight and prove the strength.

This is what the HR and corporate leaders must understand first. If the managers are not showing confidence means, it is not that they do not have such confidence or leadership qualities, anyway at the end they are only blamed for everything. This culture only is prevailing in most corporate these days. Understand the undercurrent and correct it. You may not require any special HR trainings to make your people leaders.

Dr S Ranganathan

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Do not beg for motivation, be a motivator first…a HR message

Are you in a comatose state serving the needs of someone or are you after your needs by being extra smart like the ‘shrew in the winter’? Answer to this question, both the corporate leaders and people must search out.

The shrew is a small mammal. They are voracious eaters and having very high BMR. Naturally the animals that have very high food needs has to live only in a place where the food is abundant. But throughout the year, food availability cannot be the same for any animal. Especially during winter, the food availability will be scare and less however the food needs of the shrew will not be less or it’s BMR even during winter. It has to eat a lot even during winter otherwise it would die of starvation. The interesting question is how shrew manages to get enough food during such pinch season.

Nature has favoured the animal. The shrew has venom and they use the venom while biting the prey and kill them and eat. When food is not available during winter, what is the use of such venom? The shrews are indeed smart as well besides being venomous. The future planning and forecast are indeed amazing. Pre winter, the shrew use their venom to make the prey to go to comatose state and store the tranquilized prey animals carefully for the winter. During pre-winter, they will not just hunt to eat but also to store the prey for the forthcoming adverse period.

Imagine how smart the shrew is. If the prey animals are killed and stored, it would decay and will not only be palatable but also will be harmful to its health. So instead of killing them the shrew capture them and bite the venom and make the prey animals into a coma state.

The message is that adversity certainly will give advantage to those who know to sense them and use their intelligence. But one has to be an experimenter and an explorer. When we run after meeting our needs, we have to stop for a while and must ask, are we increasing our speed or increasing our capability, smartness and strategies?

If we do not develop any of those three things and only focusing on speed, we would soon enter into comatose state to meet out the needs of others. In corporate both the people like shrew and prey animals of shrew in comatose state can be seen. When one is running after ones need, must include the ingredients of future vision, strategies, smartness besides being workaholic or hardworking. Do not try to sell your hardworking traits in corporate. Also sell how smart and shrewd you are. Also exhibit your strategizing capabilities especially during adverse and difficult period of the corporate. Corporate also must look for such leaders.

Unfortunately, the corporate that are family centric and those revolves around the entrepreneur like how electrons revolve around nucleus in an atom, always found of ‘employees in comatose state’ because such employees never revolt and refuse. Further such people also show high level of devotion to the owners, so the ego of the owner is heightened and boosted up. These people also can continue in comatose state and the owners of the company also can also continue to be happy with such people.

Shrews need is only food. So it has adopted the technique of tranquillizing the prey and stores them for winter. But for organizations, whether employees in such comatose state would really add value, corporate must introspect. Another fact is that the owners of some company appreciate people for high level of flexibility. According to them, flexibility means, an engineer doing the job of electrician, plumber and other odd jobs. The employees who are in a comatose state will never disagree for such jobs.

The question is whether you have appointed people to praise you and speak high about you or to accomplish a task. Have you appointed them to do whatever you say or a specific task is identified for them, their fitment is assessed and then they are appointed?

If the former is your objective, then change your strategy as it will no good to your company. Be a motivator and not a beggar longing for motivation.

Learn to be as wise as a shrew in your business.

Dr S Ranganathan


Our Mission 50 in Siddha system is over and Mission 100 would continue

We are nearing our mission 50. We have taken up the responsibility of highlighting different aspects of Siddha system as a true believer, follower and beneficiary of the system through publishing 50 write ups.

When we believe, follow and have benefited from the system and therefore we also owe the responsibility to highlight the limitations and defects in the system in order to brain storm to create the future scope for Siddha. All our expressions and emotions were meant only to improve the system.

We are coming close to 50 articles, however our mission 100 would continue. Hereafter we will be reaching our write ups straight to the Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India and others than publishing them.

The question is why Siddha system should be reclassified as health based system, a few asked. Similarly many had appreciated our suggestion. Some had raised the possible legal nitty-gritty involved in achieving such mission. Our effort and mission are meant only to ensure the usefulness of Siddha system to humanity. Only when it is promoted and popularized in its true merit, the system will thrive.

Most of the Siddha teachings are in the lyric/poem forms. When we discussed with different Siddha experts, we learned that, only for the people to remember easily about various Siddha preparations, perhaps the Siddhars would have chosen to narrate them in poetic forms. It means, people should remember the Siddha preparations and approaches very well.

Imagine, if our ancient Siddhars had described them as drugs or system of medicine, they would not wants the people to remember them as it would amount to an act of encouraging self medication. The above description only points towards the possibility that Siddhars would not have meant them as ‘drugs’. The essence is that Siddha had never evolved as system of medicine. It had evolved only as a way to achieve health.   Therefore the system cannot be treated like ‘pure medical science’.

The Siddha system is for health and it has several valuable offerings for human health and welfare. The Tridosha pathology and Noi needhanam diagnosis if we analyze carefully, we can understand that the equilibrium of the Tridosha is affected, only then one would get different health problems. The method is therefore to correct the doshas and that is the fundamental approach followed in Siddha system for maintaining health.

Master health check ups done by people these days are only to know their predisposition and early diagnosis of the health problems. Siddha can play a big role in this area. Siddha can offer preventive treatment programmes for the vulnerable population in the society once certain predispositions are diagnosed.

Where Siddha would have possibly gone wrong? We feel, the holistic approach in its offering is missing these days. If the Siddha preparations are given to patients along with other dos and don’t’s like how Dr JRK’s Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd., is offering ‘treatments’ than drugs for the problems like Psoriasis, Dual drug therapy for Vitiligo, ‘expert and specialist’ treatment for Acne etc.

We learned that, people from many foreign countries are waiting for an appointment at Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal and Kumarakom Lake resort- Ayurveda to receive the packages such as

  1. Panchakarma
  2. Rejuvenation
  3. De-Stress Package
  4. Weight Reduction Package
  5. Beauty Care Treatment
  6. Massage therapy etc.,

Siddha needs to be promoted and positioned as health science and not as pure medical science is our suggestion. This suggestion we have offered and then requested to the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu purely based on the scientific facts of the system, considering the growing health and relief needs of the world and where the Siddha system can really offer somebenefit.

There are many Siddha companies like SKM Siddha and Ayurvedic Medicines Pvt., Ltd., IMCOPS etc., are serving the system and humanity in the best way.

The Siddha products from IMCOPS, Dr JRK’s or SKM etc., I have seen even many allopathic practitioners attach special value and respect.

Today even the judiciary in India has started following Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve the growing number of litigations. The alternative system of medicine is also important.

Since the Siddha system was promoted in the past as ‘pure medical science’ it only has caused the problem. When it is promoted in such line, people will naturally find no difference between Siddha and allopathic system. But both systems are like North and South poles and can never meet or be the same.

Because of the above assumption, most patients had believed Siddha to be effective in addition to being safe over allopathic drugs. When they solely used the Siddha system for various common ailments many had failed to get the desired response the way allopathic system could and later had naturally lost their trust.

If the system is clearly positioned for health and for offering relief to patients suffering from various chronic diseases, the system will definitely become more relevant, meaningful and contemporary. When we position like that, the system has to be made as health centric and cure centric. Then those studies the course has to be given ways and means to live happily in the society. It is a big challenge. The solution cannot be giving permission to prescribe allopathic drugs, and then the system will die or become irrelevant.

If clinical research is initiated to validate the support therapy value of the Siddha drugs in line with global standards, the system will soon get global acclaim.

If industries are encouraged to come out with new Siddha drugs by granting license to them under Siddha, many new preparations also would emerge from Siddha system. Let us make Siddha system the future of humanity.

Dr S Ranganathan