She made Siddha proud and patients happy…

When we were researching the profile of several Siddha practitioners to learn about their yeoman service to humanity and valuable contributions to Siddha system, we found the profile of Dr V Jamuna, a world famous infertility specialist in Siddha system very luminous and admiring.   Her contributions to Siddha system and certainly to humanity are amazing and envious. Only because of her commitment and expertise in the fundamentals of Siddha system, she could serve humanity well and also could promote and popularize Siddha system, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.

The most awesome fact about Madam Dr V Jamuna is that she has acquired the knowledge in Siddha through tradition as she holds B certificate. In 1997, Tamil Nadu Government after creation of registration certificate system by Tamil Nadu Board of Indian Medicine and Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council, started issuing there types of certificates viz., A, B and C.

The ‘A’ certificate holders are those who are institutionally qualified (BSMS and MD degree holders) the ‘B’ certificate holders are those not institutionally trained but have acquired the state of art by other means and the ‘C’ certificate holders are nattuvaittiyar or country practitioners.

We have seen that a few ‘A’ certificate holders in Siddha never like to see the ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate holders eye to eye as the ‘A’ certificate holders generally known to assume that they are only duly qualified and superior over others.

The pride and contributions of those ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate holders in Siddha are commendable and hence needs to be respected and recognized. The institutionalization of Siddha curriculum has certainly created job opportunities to many Siddha graduates in PHC’s and other primary level hospitals of Government of Tamil Nadu. The convenient mis-interpretation of ‘modern advances’ in medical science’ as allopathic medicine by CCIM had made some Siddha practitioners to assume that they are also equally competent and legally permitted to prescribe allopathic drugs. And as a result of the above convenient interpretation, some Siddha practitioners started acting like allopathic clinicians with BSMS degree.

Whereas some of the ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate holders firmed up their fundamentals in Siddha holistic approach and started serving the people. They not only offered service to people, they also earned name and reputation to themselves. Madam Dr V Jamuna is one such remarkable example.

The services of Dr V Jamuna give tremendous re-assurance and hope to those who really love and want to propagate our precious Siddha system and preserve it to the posterity. The feats of Madam Dr V Jamuna are indeed commendable. Dr V Jamuna is indeed the ‘Pride of Siddha System’, said one Siddha follower.

Another traditional Siddha Vaittjyar, Vaittiyar Dhanasekarnan with whom we had interacted, always take pride and happiness in talking about Siddha system. With his limited financial resources, he had got it made colloids of several metals and proved to us the presence of metals in the colloidal state through passing laser beam and demonstrating the Tyndall effect. He has in fact proved the science of Siddha system and did not mix the allopathic system and Siddha system for his convenience like how some Siddha practitioners do, said Dr Abdul Abbas MD – Siddha.

To make our Tamil culture liked Siddha system very popular and useful to humanity one should feel pride in the mission and must show high level of commitment. Not running away from it because the system has very little to offer to treatment and cure, and become allopathic drug practicing Siddha graduate.

The CCIM, AYUSH, CCRS, NIS etc., are created by Government & funded and those employed are also paid respectable salary are only to promote our ancient system in the right and righteous way. The contributions of these institutions must be audited scientifically.

Highlight the science, limitation and uniqueness of Siddha system and only then the system can be promoted. Do not engage in shortcuts, convenient misinterpretations like ‘modern advances in medicine’ as permission to prescribe allopathic drugs as granted by CCIM without any locus standi.

Bring modern advances in Siddha system and convince the world about the merit of Siddha system by publishing the research work in premier journals like Nature, Science, PNAS, Cell, EMBO etc., not just in CCRAS journal where the contributor and editor belongs to birds of the same flock.

We are requesting to our beloved Amma J Jayalalithaa to guide the state government of Tamil Nadu and our beloved Prime Minister Modiji to save the vanishing Siddha system by giving Siddha system the status of health and relief based system than medical system.

Once such positioning is done, even the allopathic clinics also will accommodate such separate vertical and our medical system will be truly holistic, said, the eminent Siddha practitioner – Dr Abdul Abbas.

Dr S Ranganathan


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