Suggestions to Government of TN and India on how to save Siddha system

How the repositioning of Siddha System Medicine as Health and Relief System can be achieved easily as it was declared as ‘System of Medicine’ through an act and is governed by a separate council CCIM? Legal approval, parliamentary procedures etc are involved in such re-structuring, commented one expert.

Our request for the above is meant only for the welfare of the State (country) and also for the system. Every country that aspires to grow and become a global leader must audit and introspect carefully its various expenditures and the net result/outcome from such expenditures. If the expected results are not forthcoming and the results are also not useful, the Government must show courage and conviction to re-look at the scenario and must decide on whether such heavy funding should be continued for such an activity or not.

No system or departments or boards like archeology, religious endowment boards, history etc., have enjoyed the respect, recognition and financial support of both the Central and State Government like what the Siddha system has been enjoying and receiving over decades despite its toe hold presence and usefulness to humanity especially in the area of cure and treatment even in the state of Tamil Nadu from where it had originated.

The Siddha curriculum has been declared as 5 year course and made parallel to MBBS. Plenty of job opportunities have been created for the Siddha graduates in PHC and other allied hospitals of Government of Tamil Nadu, several colleges by the Government of Tamil Nadu and postings in these institutions were also created. A separate drug licensing department to grant license for manufacturing of Siddha preparations and other ISM preparations also has been made. A separate council –CCRS, creation of AYUSH equivalent to CDSCO, creation of NIS, creation of separate council CCIM parallel to MCI etc are a few other examples Government of India and Tamil Nadu has created to promote the Siddha system.

Creation of all these above unique, exemplary and independent facilities for Siddha system has ended up only in creating two separate groups of Siddha personals viz.,

  1. Siddha personals in Government (State or Central) service keep talking high about Siddha System of Medicine but till date no single drug that will offer complete cure has come from the system. However, independent of their contributions and accountability are paid high salary.
  2. The other is private practitioners who have to struggle hard and compete with allopathic clinicians even to survive. But have not single drug from Siddha system of medicine that they can assuredly prescribe to patients and can cure some illness is available till date. Hence they are forced to prescribe allopathic drugs to offer cure.

The Government can easily handle this issue and we wish to offer the following suggestions of ours

  1. All wasteful funding, the Government can stop to Siddha system.
  2. New recruitment either to fill up the vacancies as a result of retirement etc, can be stopped both at State and at National level and also can stop the creation of new jobs in the system.
  3. Number of students admitted for the courses can be brought down to the minimum.
  4. The research department in Siddha can be made to obtain own research funding and sustain.
  5. For scientists and other qualified personals in CCRS, NIS etc., Government can give just basic salary and the rest, they have to manage through research projects. Many research institutions in India and other countries are run these days only based on the above concept.
  6. Promote and popularize Siddha system as welfare system than system of medicine
  7. Promote the role of Siddha system in offering relief in the area of non communicable diseases
  8. Create two visible and vivid verticals like Health and Treatment & Cure. Position the role of Siddha system before treatment and after cure and allopathic system for treatment and cure.
  9. The Siddha drug licensing can be annexed with Drugs control and the Siddha preparations can be treated as health preparations, OTC relief preparations etc., so that the manufacturers can easily export them without much hassles.
  10. Ensure CCRS and NIS to publish their research work at least one per year in high impact world class journal like Nature or Science.

These things the Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India can do without much problem. Otherwise tax payer’s money will be siphoned towards the Siddha system without reaping any benefit from it either to the system or to the humanity as a whole.

We are addressing the concern and helplessness of Siddha private practitioners also. Unless the private practitioners come forward and speak the truth, they will not get any solution to their problem.

Today the Government of Tamil Nadu guided by our beloved Amma J Jayalalithaa and Union government headed by Modiji will definitely listen to our appeal and will do the needful.

Once the genuine problem of Siddha private practitioners i.e., Siddha system cannot offer cure to any single disease are told to the Government, the truth will surface and the appropriate corrective actions will be taken.

Due to the above bitter truth only, most of the Siddha practitioners could neither swallow the truth that Siddha doesn’t have any drugs to cure or treat nor could spit it out as they have already paid their life as price.

It is not about system is weak or useless. But what is projected and told about Siddha system is not true and it has a value definitely in the area of health and offering some relief to patients who suffer from chronic, in curable and non communicable problems and not as medical system where it can offer cure said the eminent Siddha practitioner Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.

Dr S Ranganathan



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