Siddha says it can treat you only on Sunday and Monday!!!???

Why we say Siddha system is not a drug and cure centric system and it is fundamentally a system for health and healthy living? The truth for our claim can be easily traced from the ancient classic Siddha literature ‘Theriyar Yamaga Venba, written by one of the famous Siddhars – Theraiyar

The Siddha procedures and preparations are not administered to patients just like the way allopathic system operates. When a patient visit the doctor, in allopathic system, the disease is first diagnosed and then the treatment is given and patient is asked to come for review based on the diagnosis and disease.

In Siddha system, the methods followed are different. In Siddha system, the concept of diseases and its treatment lies in the correction of the thridoshas, which are different from that of the modern medicine.

In Siddha system, the Siddha treatment procedures are not administered to patients who visit the Siddha Vaidyar when they visit.

The best days in the week are chosen to provide Siddha procedures. According ‘Theriyar Yamaga Venba’ Sunday and Monday are the best days. Wednesday and Saturday are not considered as good days and Friday and Thursday are considered only least preferred days not the best days for administering the Siddha treatments.

As far as choosing the months in a year for administering the Siddha treatment approaches to the patients are concerned, from April 14th to June 15th (Tamil months Sithirai and Vaikasi) are the best months as in Siddha system it is believed that during this period, the waste toxins from human body automatically get removed. June 16th to August 15th (Tamil months Aani and Aadi) can be selected only as second choice for providing Siddha procedures.

August 16th to April 13th (Tamil months Aavani to Panguni) are not the best period for administering the Siddha treatment approach as the toxins in the body are believed to remain in the body itself and do not get removed. Hence the Siddha treatment methodologies do not work during the above period.

The above descriptions clearly states that Siddha system has not and never evolved as treatment and cure centric system the way it is unfortunately defined, promoted and understood by the world.

If the ancient Siddhars had ever believed in the concept of disease, treatment, offering cure, dispensing drugs etc., the way allopathic system function, the above descriptions would not have been emphasized in the system. The patients cannot be told to visit the Siddha Vaidyar on Sunday or Monday or visit them from April 14th to June 15th as only during such period, treatments should be administered. If such dictum were followed, many patients would have died of no treatment from Siddha system and Siddha Vaidyar, especially when anyone falls sick either on Thursday or Friday or during August 16th to April 13th. The above ‘treatment ethics and specificity’ undoubtedly states that Siddha system is not a treatment and cure centric system and it is only meant for health and some relief.


The above description of Theraiyar’s ‘Theriyar Yamaga Venba, undoubtedly proves the fact beyond any doubt, debate, argument or court verdict that, Siddha system is heath centric approach and not system of medicine.

But sadly, some people in the past may be due to own selfish reasons or due to lack of foresight had got the system classified as system of medicine and made it at par with allopathic system of medicine.

Like in allopathic system they got CCIM, equivalent of MCI, AYUSH, equivalent of CDSCO, CCRS equivalent of ICMR, NIS equivalent of AIMS, the 5 year BSMS and MD course at par with MBBS and MD, different specialties like pediatrics, general medicine etc. The big question is whether the humanity has got any single medicine from Siddha system for cure at par with allopathic system? Let them answer. No doubt, they have produced BSMS to play the role of MBBS.

Only because of such classification, the Siddha system could not grow as the world and people of India always see the Siddha system only in comparison with allopathic system. Therefore we request the Government of India to re-classify the system as health centric and not system of medicine and stop all wasteful expenses on the system.

Siddha system doesn’t even have the eligibility to kneel before the allopathic system in offering cure from common ailments and save humanity at the hour of emergency.  The proof of our argument comes from the fact that even private Siddha practitioners have rejected the system and goes after allopathic practice said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.

Dear Modiji please look into this issue and do the needful to re-classify Siddha system as system for health and relief in line with other paramedical sciences.

Dr S Ranganathan


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