Why some Siddhars dont trust Siddha???

Why did the Siddha system fail to meet the expectations of the world despite having lot of science in it? Why Siddha miserably fails to offer cure even to the most common problems of humanity where the allopathic system does wonders? We need to find the answer to the above question from two important domains viz.,

  1. Policies of the Government
  2. Lack of scientific approach despite having some science in the system

Implications of the wrong policies and approaches of the Government in positioning and promoting the system as system of medicine, parallel to allopathic system as one of the reasons for the poor show of Siddha system has been discussed already in our previous articles.

We strongly feel that Siddha system is very lively one and has rich science in it with reference to offering health benefits, definitely not cure. But only limitation we find is, it lacks scientific approach. Lack of inclusion of science and keep parroting the system to be time tested one, keeping it away from science and promoting it wrongly at par with allopathic system, all has progressively eroded the relevance of the system.

We wish to discuss the other important reason here. Most of the Siddha preparations are prepared and given to people in total form (crude form) i.e., the whole or some parts of the plants are either made into kashyam, churnams or lehiyam etc. and are given to the patients. Other preparations like salts, ashes, pathangam, chunnam etc., are also available in the system. In all such preparations, some moiety (s) only likely to have some therapeutic effect (if we have to believe so) and the rest are likely to be the base materials.

The question is who will separate the therapeutic moiety from the whole preparations that are given to the patients? Only our body system, either the intestine or the stomach or other parts have to do the job. Imagine when a person is sick, the performances of most of the organs are likely to be slow and dull. How such weak system can effectively separate ‘the most wanted’ from several ‘unwanted elements’ in the Siddha preparations remains grey and yet to be explored or excavated. We think Siddha system would have approached human system to be a machine so it can do the above job well. None of the Siddha preparations are known to be in readily absorbable form. Further the therapeutically active moiety (s) in none of the Siddha preparations are established as per the globally accepted scientific methodologies.

The science of how the tea and coffee we drink every day refresh us, the world knows. Broadly we know the role and definition of different foods as carbohydrate rich, starch rich, protein rich, sugar rich, minerals rich, fat rich etc. Unfortunately such science has not come from Siddha system but interestingly it is being promoted as system of medicine for close to a century. How it qualifies to be called system of medicine and Siddha preparations as ‘drugs’ as per the world standard, no one knows. If they are strictly drugs why then the private Siddha practitioners prescribe allopathic drugs? Even for common ailments like fever, pain, bacterial infections, the system does not offer drugs to that cures, then why should it be called system of medicine and Government of India should fund the system with tax payers’ money?

The rate of metabolism, the % of such therapeutically effective substance (s) if present in various Siddha preparations, how much of such substances are required to get the treatment benefit, how the biological system can be augmented to separate and absorb them quickly etc., are not understood till date to even for a single Siddha preparation.

Only the people in government services are growing richer and mightier (in the system) but the Siddha system is growing thin, weak, frail & malnourished and now it suffers from Kwashiorkor.

So are the Siddha private practitioners who do not really have anything to offer to patients who consult them for treatment and cure said Dr Abdul Abbas MD-Siddha. The best option is to prescribe allopathic drugs.  If the private practitioners who come out openly and state their problems, certainly they can find a solution.   Such solution will not only be useful to them it will be for the future of the system as well, said many Siddha practitioners who does not wants to disclose their names right now.

Research department in Siddha must prove to the world what Siddha can offer to humanity exactly like the allopathic system. Otherwise admit the truth to the Nation that Siddha system is health centric system and not system of medicine.

Dear Modiji, we are sending our write-ups to our Honorable Union Health Minister also. Kindly look into our appeal and do something correct the historic error in Siddha system.

Even the private Siddha practitioners do not have faith in Siddha system means why Government of India must incur such huge expense on the system. Let us develop it or shall abandon it.

We are also requesting our beloved Amma J Jayalalithaa to advice the state government to dot the needful to one get back the glory of the system and save innocent rural population.


Dr S Ranganathan


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