Siddha system and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Why we compare Siddha system with allopathic system of medicine? Asked one Siddha private practitioner? Interestingly it is not us, only those policy makers in Siddha system over several years had made such comparisons and positioning.  If people go through the minutes of the meetings of CCIM since 1971 onwards, they can find how many proposals were made by them to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to equate Siddha system to allopathic system of medicine.

They got everything for the system at par with allopathic system but had not given even a single drug from Siddha system to humanity at par with allopathic system of medicine.

The Government has given to Siddha system whatever it had asked for viz., status, recognition, opportunity, surplus funding and creation of NIS, CCRS, AYUSH, CCIM, Educational Institutions, separate Siddha hospitals, employment opportunities etc. Unfortunately the Government appeared to have not asked them till date about what real contribution these institutions have made to humanity.

Hence they kept singling the legacy of the Siddha system without answering to the world, why they do not have even a single drug, for example, equal acetaminophen?   The proof is that many Siddha private practitioners are prescribing allopathic drugs not Siddha preparations.

The policy makers talk about various Siddhars of different time periods and their contributions. But the question, we the citizen of this great nation likes to know is that what these institutions have done to improve the system to make it relevant, meaningful and contemporary? How many scientific studies these research institutions have done on Siddha preparations and published them in journals of global repute?

The number of research articles and scientific credence the China has created for Traditional Chinese Medicine is incredible. No scientific journal of high standard on earth like EMBO, CELL, PNAS, Nature, Lancet has ever refused to publish the research work on TCM. It is because the system has proved its worth.   In spite of all those research findings, still TCM is positioned by the Government of China only for offering relief to chronic diseases and in the area of preventive medicine. Still standardization and evaluation of true and actual therapeutics of TCM are going on.

Let the country know, whether AYUSH, CCRS or NIS etc., have published single research article in any of those journals of high repute? What science they have established on Siddha system till date? If Siddha system is beyond science, then should they not recommend the Government of India to shut allopathic system and embrace only Siddha system? Then shouldn’t be the global community waiting for the appointment of Siddha practitioners for Siddha treatment? It is not tourism or medical tourism, Siddha tourism should have been one of the biggest businesses in India. Then the people should have been competing to join BSMS not MBBS course.

As citizen of this country, who value the Siddha tradition and its merit feel sad and hurt at the way the Siddha system is going.

Dear Modiji, please ask these questions to CCRS, AYUSH, NIS and CCIM. Promote it as system for prevention and health and not as system of medicine. So that, the Government can optimizes the funds that are allocated to Siddha system for other development related activities.


Dear Modiji, not only corruption that kills the country, non audit of many wasteful expenses are also equally punching holes into our economy and affecting our growth.

Dear Modiji, we need our tradition and traditional system of medicine not at par with allopathic system but as what really the system can offer to humanity.

Every system has strength and limitations. Let us accept the limitations of Siddha and let us popularize in its area of strength. Let us not confuse the health policy of our nation. Siddha is not meant for cure and treatment and hence it should not be classified as system of medicine.   Let science takes care of cure and treatment and let the Traditional Siddha system offer preventive health care to humanity as well as relief to various chronic diseases.

We are including a few (only a few) research articles on TCM for your kind review just to show how TCM is promoted. TCM practitioners are not allowed to practice allopathic medicines like that happen in India.

We are also requesting our beloved Amma J Jayalalithaa, the guiding force of Government of Tamil Nadu to instruct the Government Tamil Nadu and the Health Secretary to implement strict clinical establishment bill for Siddha practitioners and stop allopathic drug practice by them to revive the system.

Research references on TCM

1.Triptolide is a traditional Chinese medicine-derived inhibitor of polycystic kidney

disease – published in PNAS, Vol.104 (11), 2007.

2.The traditional Chinese medical compound Rocaglamide protects nonmalignant

primary cells from DNA damage-induced toxicity by inhibition of p53 expression –

published in EMBO, Vol. 9(2), 2008


Dr S Ranganathan


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