From Chameleon tongue..let your HR wisdom flows

The success of Chameleon come only a little from its ability to colour camouflage. The uniqueness of its tongue only plays a major role in its success.  Chameleon used to wait and watch for its prey and then shoot its sticky tongue very fast at the prey and catch it. The tongue is made of muscle. Temperature greatly influences the movement and speed of the muscle and naturally it should, the tongue of Chameleon as well. It means, the coiling and re-coiling of chameleon tongue is expected to be slow and less during winter season where the temperature is low.   But the scientific studies have shown that chameleon tongue is not greatly influenced by the temperature.

The coiling and re-coiling phenomenon of chameleon tongue is least influenced by lower temperature.   It means, even during winter, the feeding behaviour of Chameleon is unaltered whereas many other animals show relatively low feeding capability.  That is why many animals go for hibernation as well during winter. The flexibility of muscle and muscular system during winter are known to be rigid than flexible.

The message for the corporate people is that do not judge people based on what quality and character they display and never conclude that that based of what is seen only determines their success and they don’t posse any other qualities. They may have many other hidden success qualities as well. They may be achieving success only through such uniqueness or capabilities but people might assume differently.

It means, if you find a person in corporate who exhibit different characters according to different situations or someone as just a sycophant, do not think or conclude, they have only such traits and lack other merits.

The term Chameleon is widely used to refer to people who change their character often according to different situations. But its ultimate success comes not just from its ability to change its colour but from the unique muscles in its tongue.

Always look for the hidden success traits of people and never get lost with what is seen as final.

Such conclusions are opinions are easily formed about people in corporate. The message is please verify your conclusions whether they can be concluded as conclusions.

Dr S Ranganathan


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