Our Mission 50 in Siddha system is over and Mission 100 would continue

We are nearing our mission 50. We have taken up the responsibility of highlighting different aspects of Siddha system as a true believer, follower and beneficiary of the system through publishing 50 write ups.

When we believe, follow and have benefited from the system and therefore we also owe the responsibility to highlight the limitations and defects in the system in order to brain storm to create the future scope for Siddha. All our expressions and emotions were meant only to improve the system.

We are coming close to 50 articles, however our mission 100 would continue. Hereafter we will be reaching our write ups straight to the Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India and others than publishing them.

The question is why Siddha system should be reclassified as health based system, a few asked. Similarly many had appreciated our suggestion. Some had raised the possible legal nitty-gritty involved in achieving such mission. Our effort and mission are meant only to ensure the usefulness of Siddha system to humanity. Only when it is promoted and popularized in its true merit, the system will thrive.

Most of the Siddha teachings are in the lyric/poem forms. When we discussed with different Siddha experts, we learned that, only for the people to remember easily about various Siddha preparations, perhaps the Siddhars would have chosen to narrate them in poetic forms. It means, people should remember the Siddha preparations and approaches very well.

Imagine, if our ancient Siddhars had described them as drugs or system of medicine, they would not wants the people to remember them as it would amount to an act of encouraging self medication. The above description only points towards the possibility that Siddhars would not have meant them as ‘drugs’. The essence is that Siddha had never evolved as system of medicine. It had evolved only as a way to achieve health.   Therefore the system cannot be treated like ‘pure medical science’.

The Siddha system is for health and it has several valuable offerings for human health and welfare. The Tridosha pathology and Noi needhanam diagnosis if we analyze carefully, we can understand that the equilibrium of the Tridosha is affected, only then one would get different health problems. The method is therefore to correct the doshas and that is the fundamental approach followed in Siddha system for maintaining health.

Master health check ups done by people these days are only to know their predisposition and early diagnosis of the health problems. Siddha can play a big role in this area. Siddha can offer preventive treatment programmes for the vulnerable population in the society once certain predispositions are diagnosed.

Where Siddha would have possibly gone wrong? We feel, the holistic approach in its offering is missing these days. If the Siddha preparations are given to patients along with other dos and don’t’s like how Dr JRK’s Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt., Ltd., is offering ‘treatments’ than drugs for the problems like Psoriasis, Dual drug therapy for Vitiligo, ‘expert and specialist’ treatment for Acne etc.

We learned that, people from many foreign countries are waiting for an appointment at Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal and Kumarakom Lake resort- Ayurveda to receive the packages such as

  1. Panchakarma
  2. Rejuvenation
  3. De-Stress Package
  4. Weight Reduction Package
  5. Beauty Care Treatment
  6. Massage therapy etc.,

Siddha needs to be promoted and positioned as health science and not as pure medical science is our suggestion. This suggestion we have offered and then requested to the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu purely based on the scientific facts of the system, considering the growing health and relief needs of the world and where the Siddha system can really offer somebenefit.

There are many Siddha companies like SKM Siddha and Ayurvedic Medicines Pvt., Ltd., IMCOPS etc., are serving the system and humanity in the best way.

The Siddha products from IMCOPS, Dr JRK’s or SKM etc., I have seen even many allopathic practitioners attach special value and respect.

Today even the judiciary in India has started following Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve the growing number of litigations. The alternative system of medicine is also important.

Since the Siddha system was promoted in the past as ‘pure medical science’ it only has caused the problem. When it is promoted in such line, people will naturally find no difference between Siddha and allopathic system. But both systems are like North and South poles and can never meet or be the same.

Because of the above assumption, most patients had believed Siddha to be effective in addition to being safe over allopathic drugs. When they solely used the Siddha system for various common ailments many had failed to get the desired response the way allopathic system could and later had naturally lost their trust.

If the system is clearly positioned for health and for offering relief to patients suffering from various chronic diseases, the system will definitely become more relevant, meaningful and contemporary. When we position like that, the system has to be made as health centric and cure centric. Then those studies the course has to be given ways and means to live happily in the society. It is a big challenge. The solution cannot be giving permission to prescribe allopathic drugs, and then the system will die or become irrelevant.

If clinical research is initiated to validate the support therapy value of the Siddha drugs in line with global standards, the system will soon get global acclaim.

If industries are encouraged to come out with new Siddha drugs by granting license to them under Siddha, many new preparations also would emerge from Siddha system. Let us make Siddha system the future of humanity.

Dr S Ranganathan


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