HR instincts

All animals, including man involuntarily show the tendency to escape or an extra alert or caution when they hear a sudden sound or sense any small changes in the environment. This is instinct and such response or reaction is greatly involuntary.   Both the deer and lion or in other word, all predatory animals and prey animals exhibit the above instinct more or less in uniform manner.

The instinct of biology or life is mainly based on four tenets/instincts viz.,

  1. First, avoid or move away or exhibit quick reflex at body level
  2. Then be alert
  3. Engage in flight
  4. If not possible, fight

Even in deep jungle and in own well guarded territory, if a pride of lion or herd of elephants see other animals including man or hear any unusual sound, they first tends to exhibit a small shock at body level, then become alert and only then decide what has to be done such as to escape or fight. The biological form of life has never evolved to fight and perish. The cardinal principle of life in strict biological sense is made to co-exist and flourish.

Once the above law of creation and its instinct are understood, much of commotion, the people can easily avoid in corporate world. HR function must recognize the four major instincts of all biological forms.

When there is a problem, the people in corporate in general tends to move away from it. Once they have done so, they instead of being alert to understand the problem, they either resort to flight mode or fight mode.   At any cost, first and foremost, they want to escape from the scene. Even if the problem has nothing to do with them, but still they do not wants to be in the scene.

Instead being alert to understand the problem in order to evolve a meaningful solution, they relay too much on their first, third and fourth instincts. The second instinct more often they neglect or never use. The reason for the failure of most our decisions are not due to the fact that we are not wise and wise enough to take wise decisions, but the problems are not well understood. Without any understanding of the problem, we are taking our decisions either to escape or fight.

The first instinct of ‘avoid’ is set in the biological system, only to understand the issue. Only when we move away from an issue/problem, it can be understood. But most of us miss the second link and jump straight to third or fourth factor viz., from avoid to flight or fight by not being alert to understand the issue.

The message is that one has to be alert and must invest time and patience to understand every issue instead of moving away from it or resist it with tooth and nail. Only then path for success can be created. Even for dealing competition also corporate people requires the above approach.

Learn the management bliss of creation of biology and life so that many issues in corporate can be dealt easily than getting caught like flea in spider net.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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