Success to remain lazy…a HR message

Can we ever say the success of man in this biome is nothing but the mere outcome of his intelligence? Man has discovered many things, invented machines and drugs to improve the quality of his life, its comfort and longevity etc. Should we recognize all the above outcomes as products of intelligence of the man than anything else?

If we seriously introspect mans’ success in totality, we can understand a startling revelation that it is not just intelligence to achieve, the instinct of man to do everything possible to enhance his ‘laziness’ only achieved him all the successes he has on date. But the question is how happy and peaceful he is in spite of having all success/achievements that he has today?

Because of his tryst to be lazy, he has made several achievements and accomplishments but still he could not become happy and comfortable at the being level. Because, more he innovates and discovers things to live comfortably and be as lazy as he can, he becomes more busy and noisy at feeling and being level.

His endless pursuit to be lazy makes him permanently and continuously busy. He is also compelled by the above situation to pay huge price to remain lazy and comfortable. To generate price to offer to his lazy and comfortable status, he become busy again, busier he becomes, he become lazier and due to such addiction and its consequence keeps revolving around his life.

In animal world such jigsaw does not seem to exist. Animals never go lazy at the ‘mind level’. The phrase ‘lazy’ used in this article is only in the context of ‘people uninterested in doing anything due to complacency’. Taking rest has to be well differentiated from laziness. Animals like lion, tiger, leopard etc., do rest for short or long hours. They rest at physical level for longer hours mainly because they don’t get their food easily. Further, they also live under several threats. Conserving energy until they find their next meal, and conserving strength to deal their enemies even in the absence of food justifies them to rest for long hours.

But man wants to rest at ‘mind’ level. Only for the above, man goes on investing and discovering several things. To shorten and to make it easier the communication system, mobile phones are invented. But today, the same devise is causing several confusions instead of any worthwhile facilitation of his communication. People have become busy with the device even when they cross the road and invite accidents.

The point is different. Do not measure your success based on how effectively you could enhance your laziness because such success will not reward you happiness. Therefore never go for such success. Success without happiness is gruesome, tumultuous and torturous. Despite having achieved success or after having made an achievement, still one can remain utterly miserable. Because, instead they could remain lazy, their laziness makes them busy.

The corporate leaders must understand the following important aspects viz.,

  1. Do not endeavour success to remain lazy
  2. Never allow your laziness to make you busy as that will not have any direction or dimension
  3. Ensure success with happiness as complete form and discount either of the two (success or happiness) if comes to you in ‘single’ and never go after such mission

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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