Leadership instinct of Palm nut vulture…a HR message

Concede to the reality would never alter ones personality, identity or leadership quality or definition is the loudest management message the Palm nut vulture conveys to the corporate world. All vultures in general are either scavengers or bird of prey, collectively called as raptors.   In other sense, vultures are endemic non vegetarians predominantly scavenge the dead animals. Contrary to the food habits of all vultures so far known, the Palm nut vultures are predominantly vegetarians, eating nuts and fruits of oil palms and Raphia.

It lives near water body where oil palm trees are grown abundantly. The Palm nut vultures are known to be sedentary during fruiting season as they have plenty of food to eat. They do eat fish, crab and some small mammals.

The question is why the appearance, majestic gesture and fearsome look of Palm nut vulture has not changed despite its vegetarianism, which is quite unknown among raptors.

If we change our actions or style of doing things due to some prevailing situational reasons and we continue to do the same, it need not affect the identity, personality or leadership style of ‘true leaders’. The Palm nut vulture take advantage of the abundant oil palm and Raphia fruits during certain seasons by shifting to vegetarian diet.   Such shift it does only for its success and not just for survival. Such behaviour is extremely rare among raptors. But still the bird retains its identity as bird of prey.

Changing ones instinctive behaviour need not be treated as loosing ones identity. Only when one succumb to pressure or favour and change ones behaviour and without sinking with the reality and or without taking advantage, only then one is likely to loose ones identity, character and leadership quality.

Being rigid is not wise. Being flexible is also equally not wise. One must understand the reality and must go in consonance with the reality to maximize the profit and minimize the threat or loss. The palm nut vultures have understood perfectly the above principle of management and that is how they still remain as raptors irrespective of their vegetarian diet preference.

Success and advantage and not risk or exploitation one should see in dealing situations. One should not get caught in the definition of rigidity or flexibility but success, overall welfare and advantage should be the basic instinct. This management principle only nature sends to the corporate through its creation of palm nut vulture.

Be open to newer opportunities and vistas. Accepting a new opportunity will not make you an ‘opportunist’ or being ‘characterless’ and such style will not also deem you of the status of a firm leader. One should consider and account only the overall welfare and success. Actions should be welfare centric and not to protect or retain certain ‘identities’ or ‘definitions’.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Lt.d., Chennai

Dream, Desire and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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