Animals are after solution…a HR message

Are you a seeker of problem or seeker of solution?

The ‘problem seeking people’ are the one who always looks for problems, blow them out of proportion, often exaggerate them and will finally tries to tell the people around, how they live in the midst of several problems and how smartly they manage/solve these problems etc.

On the other hand, the ‘solution seeking people’ in corporate always looks for solutions and tries to solve them quickly. This group of people never tries to exaggerate the problems or would attempts to create fury and noise out of such problems.

The problem seeking people always live in ‘I’ world, love to create a fan club for the self, expect and crave appreciation from others etc.

On the other hand, the solution seeking people would try to solve the problem quickly than precipitate them or allow the situation to go out of control. The interesting point is that the former group of people largely live for own self gratifications and to satisfy own ego. Whereas, the solution seeking people will have only one focus that is, the system should run smoothly without any disharmony.

To understand the above better, we need to find out why animals seldom live in utter confusion and dismay.

Most of the animals in general are solution seekers. In all possible account, they first try to avoid the problem and seek a safe solution. The interesting point is that most of the problems in the animal world are relating to their ‘physical’ existence whereas the problems of people in corporate are largely relating to the ‘psychological’ reasons.

The proportion of physical versus psychological reasons causing problems in animal world may be 9:1, whereas in corporate, the ratio will be 1:9 where 1 being the physical needs and 9 being the psychological needs of the people.

In animal world too, the psychological needs dominate over the physical needs especially during breeding season. On such occasions, the animals may even forbid their food search and engage in establishing their dominance and hierarchy through fierce battle. It is known that the male animals like lion, buffalo, hippo etc., not only get seriously injured during such fight on proving who is dominant, sometime they may even die.

Having the chance of producing own progenies can whether be defined as physical or psychological need is difficult to define. On broader scope, it is psychological need because such need is not essential for own physical existence/living.

The message is not to have any psychological need in life. But be aware of the fact and understand what extent such needs needlessly cause turbulence and turmoil in your life.

From such awareness, you can become a solution seeker.

During breeding season, the dominant male animals seek problem to seek solution whereas large number of people in corporate seek problems to cause more problems and are completely away from solution.

Let solution to every problem be your first preference and never mix your physical or psychological needs into it.   Be a solution seeker and let you work to find solution to all your problems.

Dr S Rangnathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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