HR messsage from Wrasse fish

If you are useful, even your most dangerous enemies also would spare you. Similarly, if you learn to make use of ‘you being useful to others’, you can be successful. Reason for the grief of most people in corporate is only due to their inability to find any use out of ‘them being useful to others’.   Hence they always sink into the bottomless pit of sorrow for being useful to others and not being useful to self. Sometime their agony can be due to they are simply ‘used’ by others.

Look at the example of Wrasse fishes that live near coral reef. Wrasse fishes play an important role in keeping many other fishes healthy. The Wrasse fishes would remove and eat the dead scales from other fishes and also would peck insects from the fin and tail of other fishes.

Because of the specialist job of removing the dead scales and parasites from other fishes and freeing/alleviating them from the problem of insect infestation, even the predatory fishes seldom attack Wrasse fishes and instead they would seek their service/help.   Interestingly the Wrasse fishes also find their meal without any problem.  

The Wrasse fishes are extremely useful to many fishes and at the same time they also know how to make use of them by being useful to others and become successful.

Most people in corporate often complain that others always use them and never reward them. Most of them are of the view that if they help others, others should reciprocate. Instead of expecting for such gesture from others for the help you had offered, see how you can extrapolate your ‘use/help’ for own success.

The Wrasse fishes are not just useful to others but are also finding use from being useful to others. If such an approach is not followed by people in corporate, only grief becomes the end product.

In corporate, every employee has to be useful to the growth of the organization. Only the usefulness makes ones existence safe and secured in corporate. When one is useful to others, also might know how to make use of such ‘usefulness’ for own success. The Wrasse fishes have learned the above management fundamental. They are indeed successful in own way and are also helpful to other fishes including their likely predators.

Instead of blaming others or engage in self pity or constant complaining, one can follow the finest management approach of the Wrasse fishes. Do not get stuck in how useful you are to others, but remember how you should find ‘use’ of being useful to others.   That is the real blue print of success. Then you will never find any impediment or obstacles in your way and nor do you will have any complain or grief about people or your fate or destiny.

Look at the marvel of nature. Every species of fauna and flora conveys a strong management message to corporate. It can be understood only when people show willingness and openness to learn from nature.

Be a Wrasse fish and be successful by being useful to others and self. One should find help from help and not reciprocation to help.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum    


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