Let the task give strenght and force to people…HR insight from physics

According to physics, only when the force acts upon an object and that causes its displacement, the work is done.   The perfect example is a restaurant waiter carrying a tray full of dishes, to the guest. Since the waiter carrying the tray, it certainly creates force but that does not cause displacement of him and hence it is not the perfect example for work done.

Similarly if one pushes a wall very hard and gets exhausted, it amounts to no work done because the force has not caused displacement of the wall/object.

The simple definition of ‘work’ according to physics, the corporate leaders must know. While setting KRA’s and assigning various tasks to people, they should remember that it is not engaging people with some task and make them busy, the accomplishment of task and its definite usefulness to the growth of the organization should be the primary focus.

It means, the task should act like force and that must cause displacement. In management perspective, the task should make people responsible and committed (offer force and strength) and the resultant force and strength should make people to accomplish the task.

But unfortunately the owners of most organizations want to see their people always busy, doing something or other.   Unfortunately none of those busy people may be contributing to the organization and more often they will be doing some menial and routine jobs. Interestingly the owners and bosses would feel proud about such people and even declare them to be the most contributing lot, in the organization.

It is not the ignorance of people to be blamed and only the ignorance of the team head/owners of the organization are directly responsible for the above confusion.

The task should exert ‘force’, it must have direction and utility value for the organization, not in just meeting the routine but also in shaping and setting the future of the organization, as well.

Physics clearly explains that if we keep a load on donkey, certainly the load exert downward force on the animal. When the animal moves forward, it is not the load that causes its displacement only the whiplash of the master makes the donkey to move.

Unlike the above situation, the task (load) assigned to the people should make people to accomplish the task and not their survival instinct or fear of action by the organization. Only when the scientific understanding is applied in managing the organization and fair culture and value systems are created in the organization, people become contributors due to their commitment, passion and responsibilities.

Most of the organization while setting KRA’s and assign task, they would like to putt heavy load on donkey and whip it from behind. The heavy load can only impede its speed and can never offer any force or strength to move.

The task assigned by the organization should provide force and strength to people and not overburden them.

Make your people always successful and with such successful people, carve the success of your organization.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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