Own importance and importance from others…a HR message

Why the human life is filled with so much of sorrow, excitement, suffering, jealous, treachery etc., and seemingly these conflicting emotions are less likely to be present in animal world, in equal proportion to that of human world.

One of the fundamental reasons for the above is that man always tends to evolve within whereas, animals are evolving in response to the changes in the world outside of them.  In simple sense, man tries to change the world for him because he think of he is special, important, the most intelligent and the strongest.

If we look at the simple example of why animals seldom seems to use mirror to see own face or visit any spiritual Guru for counseling or motivation or do prayers to get any divine blessings? Because animals in general, seems to give importance to their ‘life’ with reference to the ‘present’ and are not bothered about the time yet to be born (future). They are not worried much about tomorrow.

Some people are very complex and complicating in nature. Either they think of themselves as very silly or as extraordinarily great and uniquely capable. Sometime they would voluntarily go to people to showcase their utmost humility and simplicity while some other time would expect the world around them to come to them and shower flowers at their altar.

It means, they want people around should motivate and energize them and simultaneously the people around them also must tell them that they are also getting motivated by them.

Imagine, if such person were your boss? Such people are always worried, complaining in nature, expecting something from others but God alone know what they expect, always dissatisfied, God alone know what would satisfy them etc.

The simple reason for the above is people giving ‘too much of self importance’. There are two kinds of people we can find viz.,

  1. People who give too much of self importance
  2. People who expect too much of self importance from others

Employees in general fall into the first category and the employers in general would fall under the second category.

Managing either of the above or both kinds of people are not that difficult. But some people fall between the above two. Such people not only would expect other to speak high about them, others also must tell them that they are very simple and down to earth etc. It means, they expect others recognition both to their emotion and to their intelligence (working style).

Many owners of small organization do fall in such category. Although they are the owners but have very primitive leadership qualities. Such owners not only destroy own happiness but also would affect the happiness of people who are working in their organization.

Such people must simply reflect certain facts in nature. Many beautiful animals like bird of paradise, macaw, peacock, lion, tiger, deer etc., are extraordinarily beautiful. But none of them are very serious about their beauty. All of them tune themselves to the external world. They do not seems to think too much about them or what others think of them or what others ought to think about them etc.

All animals seem to lead a simple life. Believe fully in innate beauty and bliss. They neither known to complicate their life by giving too much of self importance or would expect other animals to show the same gesture to them. They neither seem to fall between the two.

Dr S Ranganathan

ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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