From same mother, the success and failure…a HR message

The possibility of success and failure always co-exist. Therefore, people should not assume that the failure and success exist separately and are always away from each other.  It is not how close they exist, how and what one sees, approaches and interprets only makes the difference.

Living in group would always offer strength and security. This is a world known norm. But imagine for the animal like lion that lives in open country as pride (as group), would really offer success or failure? Seeing a group of animals from a distance in an open country is quite easy. So the prey animals can easily spot the lion.

But for the lion, living in group only offers strength. If they hunt alone, the chance of hunt success is almost remote. When they hunt in group, even large prey animal like wild buffalo also, they can easily kill.

The interesting question is that how with such limitation still the lion remains as top predator? May be lions instead of seeing the possibility of failure by living as pride, might be seeing the strength of the group. Living in group not only creates the chance of spotting them easily by the prey animals, sharing of the prey among members in the pride is also another problem that would often cause insufficiency of food.

May be lions derive the interpretation success from living in group.   If lion have made the possibility of failure as the interpretation from living as pride, perhaps, they would have made things worse for them where failure would have been the only outcome.

Ironically lions have followed one rule for them and another to their prey species. They took advantage of their prey animals that live as herd. The prey animals when live in large group, the lion can see them easily.

The interesting point is that the prey animals have preferred to live in group to easily spot the danger so that they can swiftly escape. On the other hand, the lion preferred to live in group especially to increase its success chance.

Whatever the strategy one evolves out of fear and wish to escape from it, all such strategies would give scope only to escape and avoid the danger and not to face the danger. Where the strategy (live in group) become a mere tool and the ‘fear’ only becomes the key determinant factor of their success.

On the other hand, the success of lion lies in its strategy and not how easily the prey species would see them or how to share the kill among all members in the pride.

The message is that if one weaves a finest strategy out of fear, it is not the strategy, only fear is going to determine the failure or success.

On the contrary, despite having highest chance of getting seen by the prey animals, if one defines a finest strategy for success, the strategy will certainly bring success.

The lion instead of seeing its vulnerability in living as group, it uses its strategy to win.

Corporate people often evolve many strategies out of fear and leave the decision making power to fear. Whereas some smart leaders sense the vulnerability but evolve strategy not yielding to such vulnerability or fear and become successful.

One must understand the important fact that the possibility of success and failure always co-exist. Therefore whether one should take decisions out of fear or deal the situation with wise strategy only makes the difference.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


They know only to complain…a HR insight

Some people are always complaining in nature, highly short tempered and would complain either about people, situation or other odd things. They cannot remain without complaining or yelling. Problems of the subordinates and employees of such ‘always complaining people’ if they are either owners or bosses is unimaginable.

The question of why some people are born with complaining instinct?   It cannot be seen as lack of confidence as reason for such people who exhibit complaining temperament especially when they are either the bosses or owners of the organizations.

Reason for the people to become so has its origin from evolution. Every cell in our body are not only made to perform certain specific duties, but are also made to alert the entire system when they encounter a danger. When they encounter a danger, generally the cell (s) tries to fix and neutralize them and only when they failed to do so, send several warnings before they die. Apoptosis is one such example.

The message is that even the individual cells in us are made to alert the system, in other words, complain to the system about the danger.   They resort to complain only because they could not fix or neutralize the danger and hence alert the entire system to about the danger to safeguard it.

But in corporate, the people who frequently engaged in complaining never even attempt to analyze the root cause of their complaints or ever would attempts to correct the anomaly. This is because such people do not have any specific function or purpose to accomplish. Hence they assume mere complaining to be their main duty.

The problem is not with such people. The designation and decision making power of such people who have the instinct of complaining only make things bad to worse. When people have enormous decision making powers and such people when engaged in complaining either about their people or situation, they cause an obnoxious culture in the organization. Instead of enjoy working in the organization the people would get enraged with the organization because of such leaders.

Some people after seeing the ‘always complaining bosses’ would pick up the same trait and would start complaining about people to their bosses. Unfortunately, the bosses would encourage such people because they believe that such people are providing a lot of information about people in the organization.   The bosses would consider such complaining employee to be as responsible spy and an asset to the organization.

Creative imagination and not complaining temperament is required for the top leaders.

If you have complaining temperament and you are the ultimate boss, accept the truth that you are unfit for the role. Identify a specific role for you and limit within, so that you can easily overcome the complaining nature.   Otherwise you would destroy the organization.

Dr. S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


Our problem is noise from within…a HR message

Many owners of small to medium sized organizations often say that they have to visit the organization every day and only then the organization would function properly and people will work effectively. Further, they try to push people to work on Sundays if possible. Why some people behave so strangely?

The greed for more money or the search of own ‘missing identity’ or be in the ‘company of sycophants and enjoy flattery’ may not be the primary reason for the people to show such addiction to work place.

The noise from ‘within’ is the main reason that makes people to run away from one situation to another or from one place to another.

The problem of noise and noise pollution, we have understood only from the physical sense and not from psychological sense.

Most people suffer a lot from noise pollution these days. The interesting fact is that the noises from within kills people the most than the noise from outside. The people who cannot stay at home or are addicted to be in the office/work place for long hours have serious problem in dealing the noise from within. When such people are with their team / subordinates and often gets flattered, naturally during such occasions, they escape from listening to the noise from within. On the contrary, when they are not with their team or are alone (away from the work place/office) suffer a lot from noise from within.

To escape from the problem of ‘rocking noise from within’, they love to be in office for long hours and fooling around that they are highly career centric, passionate etc.   In reality, no passionate person would ever disrespect the passion and basic needs of others and would expect others to work for long hours, even during Sundays if possible.

The fact is that these people are ‘selfish’ due to some mental disorder. Hence they prefer to be in the office/work place for long hours and want their employees also in the office to stay. Another irony is that instead of recognizing own problem i.e., getting jittered by the noise from within and hence prefers to be in the office for long hours, they accuse their employees lack passion and commitment because they leave the office once the office time is over.

Own defect, people need to understand and treat it, otherwise instead of treating own problem, they would start creating problems to others.

Look at the animal world. Animals are in general very sensitive to sound from outside. They are always alert and assertive. But they never seem to find problem of noise from within. That may be one of the reasons why animals live in harmony than human being. Except the seasonal fight during breeding time, the life of most animals in jungle is quite peaceful because they are worried only about the noise outside and not from within.

The problem people need to recognize and attend is not about the noise outside but from within. Instead of getting scared and run away from the noise from within, learn to be with it. Otherwise, you moving from one place to another, you are also carrying your problem. Only difference is that instead of you suffer from your problem, you are making your people to suffer.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai