You own your success and punishment..a HR insight of Nature

Nature’s justice is fair and impartial. Nature does not discriminate or differentiate prey from predator and vice versa. The reward and punishment are absolutely based on own creation/making. If you are wise & alert and your reflex is quick & swift, you can win otherwise you have to ‘soil the defeat’.

Nature has not defined the term defeat with any adjectives. For the predator, loosing a prey after burning huge calorie is equal to death. For the prey, yielding to predator is amount to loosing life.

Only when lion is smart, alert, agile, swift and quick, it can catch a prey. Otherwise, it may slip the prey at 11 hour. Such loss may not be mere lose of a prey, they also would have used up all their energy and strength. Hence hunting another prey will be all the more difficult.

For the prey, although food is available in plenty, they cannot afford to be casual and careless. If they loose their alertness and agility, they will have to pay their life as price.

The message is that one has to be wise, swift, quick, alert and able to be successful in nature. The first animal in the herd that has seen the predator never keeps the information to itself or for own safety. Immediately it alerts other members of the team. The same is true among predators also.

The question is whether such fairness and impartial work culture, possible in corporate. Is not prejudice, personal preference, sycophancy etc., pollute and influence most of our decisions in corporate?

Are we not seeing things definitely and differently as ‘mine’ and not ‘mine’?

Look at the justice system and fairness of Nature. The reward and punishment are purely based on own failure or smartness. Since all animals except man appear to have understood and accepted the above wisdom and that may be the reason why, prolonged complain or grief does to seem to exist in animal world. That may the reason, revenge, taking sides, sabotage, siege etc., does not exist in animal world except for own survival (in the case of hunters).

Non existence of fairness, doubting the existence of fairness and not believing in the fairness are only causing imbalances and commotion at work place. The HR function must learn its lessons from nature and must work towards establishing fair work culture in corporate. Co-existence with the absolute philosophy of kill and get killed is possible in wild only because of the above justice system.

Once the justice system is fair and impartial, every one would focus more on developing own capability than look for shortcuts and other unethical means.

In some small organizations, the close relatives of the owner can afford to make any colossal mistakes and goof ups, but that will not be questioned but other employees will be questions and or punished.

In such small organizations, the fair practice or an effective HR culture is impossible to follow. Naturally in such family run show, bringing an effective HR culture is almost impossible unless and until, the owners come forward willingly to change their leadership style.

The point to be reflected here is that only when we learn the fairness of Nature, the modern HR function can at least attempt to bring fair culture in the organization where people at all level would believe that reward and punishment are own making and no one else.   Only because of the absence of such culture in corporate, people resorts to all unethical practices.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Dream, Desire and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum  


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