Help will make you lazy and careless…a HR message from Nature

Why we are more cautious and careful while climbing down a staircase or steps than climb up? Don’t we need more force and effort to climb up than climb down? But still why the scope of slip and fall are high when we climb down?

To climb up, one need to put an extra effort and force and also one has to be attentive and alert. Own effort and force will always come only when there is purpose/task. Naturally the effort and force linked with purpose/task will make one reasonably careful and cautious.

Whereas when one climbs down, more than such effort, all one need is a little balance. The gravity of earth would automatically help every one to reach down easily with least effort. Only because of such free help/support of earth’s gravity that exist, one has to balance own actions and efforts while climbs down.

Whenever, a free support is available to us, it can make us a little lazy, less cautious and careful. Therefore the chance of a fall is quite high, hence one has to balance own actions or efforts.

On the contrary, while climbing up, nothing is there to support us or encourage us. Only our effort and strength helps us to climb up. To climbs down, more than effort, balance is necessary.     When we exert own effort, we become automatically cautious and careful.

The larger management message to be understood from the above is that when we are relaying on our effort and strength, automatically we become careful and cautious and therefore the chance of slip or fall is less. On the contrary, when we receive some free help, our extent of caution and carefulness goes down and as a result, the chance for our failure increases or in other words, success become difficult.

Most of us ironically assume that only when we have someone to support us, we can perform better. Most often, we may even blame our fate for no one is there to help us. Look at the universal truth. When gravity automatically helps every one of us to easily climb down, our chance of slip or fall is high. Whereas such situation is limited when we attempt to climbs up against gravity, we become more cautious and alert.

Every one must try to avoid or minimize the help of others for our success and must relay on own effort and strength. Develop and strengthen own help and effort and be successful. Never look for some help and delay your progress. Be cautious and alert to be successful than looking for some free support.

Every event in nature sends a strong management message to the corporate. If we decode the inner message, it will be pointing more towards our self confidence than being dependent and helpless.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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