Learn about best reward…a HR message

The law of nature is that ‘always winner gets the best’. It means, to get the best, one has to be a winner. To be a winner, one has to develop all the winning and winnable qualities/traits.

Look at the beauty of nature. When a lion or hyena or leopard gets a hunt, they get food, the most essential component for their survival.   Food gathering occupy ¾ of the life of most animals. The reward of a hunt success for carnivore means, reward for ¾ of their life. Indeed, a best reward.

On the contrary, ¾ of the life of all prey animals in deep jungle revolves around protecting their life from predators. That is why they are always alert, watchful and scared. When a prey animal escape from the predator, it means, it is the biggest reward ever a prey animal can have. It is indeed a reward for ¾ of its life.

Definition of the reward being best or worst appear relevant only when one really work for it and it occupies ¾ of the life’s mission.

Definition of best reward is not the just expectation or desire of the best but one has to work for it. Otherwise every reward would look ‘weak, unappealing, sickening and not that positive or encouraging.  Most people even fail to see the bliss of life itself only due to the above reason.

Most of the corporate employees just put their efforts and perseverance to mere expectation of the best reward or result. But they seldom work for it. The law of nature is such that every species of life on earth when work hard for a reward, they are paid not just reward, but the best reward.

The reward punishment cycle is quite clear in nature. Therefore every species of life really work for the best reward because the best reward is linked with their life and survival.

Unfortunately most of the corporate people never link their effort with best reward to their life and hence never put best of their efforts.   Naturally the reward cannot be the best.

People need to understand the real definition of the best reward and must work for it. To achieve, they need to acquire the traits that are required to achieve the best reward.

If we place our efforts for success with such clear reference or bench mark to get the best and nothing less than the best, not only our success will be great, the consequential happiness also will be everlasting.

Look at the strong management message of nature. All most all animals are placed only in two matrix viz., success or defeat (death). If you cannot be successful, accept defeat and death is the management message followed by the prey and predators.

Although we cannot extrapolate the ‘life matrix’ of prey and predator to corporate context, but certainly we can take the right message it conveys. Expect nothing less than the best and work for nothing less the best. Automatically you will be the best and best talents you would acquire.

Dr S Ranganathan

ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Dream, Desire and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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