How deer deal a cheetah….a leadership message

It is generally told that success is an outcome of sustained, consistent, relentless effort. Therefore one must be consistent and not very jugglery.   The question is how true is the above approach? According to biology and nature, such approach need not always assure success and instead such consistent effort might risk life.

Cheetah is one of the fastest hunters in the wild. Because of its poor jaw power, cheetah would prefer to hunt deer and small mammals than the big ungulates like buffalo. As fast a cheetah can run, so fast the deer also can run and the deer also can out run cheetah. The question is how deer out run cheetah?

Deer always jump and turn its directions instead of running in straight line especially when it is chased by a cheetah. The limitation of cheetah is that it cannot swiftly turn its direction while running at great speed. When a deer frequently changes its direction or it runs in inconsistent direction, the cheetah would lose its focus and also would lose its prey.

The point to be understood is that the deer never run in consistent line or direction. It chooses to be inconsistent in its line and direction. If it had followed consistent direction and line, it would certainly fall prey to a chasing cheetah. It could easily escape from the jaw of a cheetah only because it chooses to be inconsistent.

The management message for the corporate leaders is clear. Never follow the same path and in same direction thinking it would achieve success. Change the path and direction, you may find success. It means, never gets lost in the law of consistency. Try to be inconsistent also.

But most people prefer to be so ritualistic, consistent and mechanical in their approach.

Diversity, creativity and vibrancy will not be there in their approach. Just to sustain the statuesque, they do everything in a consistent manner.   The larger message is that one should not get lost to certain phraseology. Be inconsistent and learn to be successful.

Most people in corporate would be engaged in repeating and rehearsing the same old working style, repeating the same effort and would remain in the same organization, may be in the same designation. Unfortunately they seldom realize that their consistent approach would give them only the same old result and reward. Without realizing it, they harp their expectation and desire. Finally they would end up in blaming others and the organization for their failure.

Remember your consistent approach would only give you the same old result and reward but when situation changes, you need to change your approach and leadership style.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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