Performance assessment from salary

Luxury and fallacy of corporate are meant for people to perform or to enjoy, take rest and perish?  This question is very pertinent to modern corporate. Most people feel proud and take arrogance in working big corporate than focusing of what career growth ladder they could see, whether they draw good salary and perks etc., are or not.


The question is whether the ambience, extravagant comfort and luxury provided by the organization really make the people work well and contribute effectively or making them lazy, slaves and addicted to such comfort and work hard than smart to retain such glory.   In most instances, the people in corporate may not and need not over perform due to extra luxury.  May be the corporate also want them only to do repeatedly engage in doing the same odd job.   So people should not feel tired, should not feel the truth that their job is skill dependent and requires least creativity and intelligence.  The organizations often carefully do all the needful to meet their demands to limit the employees to continuously skilled people.


But nature has contrarian story to tell us.   In nature, luxury and extra comfort make most life forms to over perform and over contribute back to nature.


Just prior to flowering of lilly plant, if we fill more water in the pot to submerge the flower buds of lilly, the plant and the flower stalk would grow upward to grow over water.  When more water is given, instead of flowering, the plant could have enjoyed the extra comfort and rested.  But instead, it incurs an extra investment to grow further over water and then flower.  It means, it work more to ensure it performs its biological responsibility – reproduction.   The plant need to outgrow its extra luxury and only then it could perform.  Therefore it out grows instead of getting submerged under the luxury and comfort.


On the contrary, the corporate people may also perform mostly to retain the comfort than as a result of such comfort provided to them.  In truth all such comforts would make people lazy, inefficient and non productive.  The point is not against the corporate fallacy or luxury.  Nor should we compare the reproductive behaviour of lilly plant with performance of people in corporate.  The larger message only we should draw without intellectualization.


Performance and perks always go hand in hand in nature but not in corporate.   The reason being we are addicted to comforts and luxury whereas all life forms except man are addicted to instinct.  Ironically man calls himself ‘highly evolved’ and other life forms as animals, less evolved.


Dr S Ranganathan


Be wise with your wisdom



Always imagination wins over reality. Fantasy surpasses the real. The reason is simple. People are fed up with the ‘truth & real’ and are always looks for fantasy, unreal and unproven things.   Often they live in the world of imagination. Whenever something is proven then it becomes real and true. Once something become true and real, nothing more is there to prove or validate or establish and hence it looses the charm and sheen. Most people think that they have little scope to work with real.


On the other hand, whenever something appears unreal, imaginative and unproven, and remains difficult to prove, naturally people show flair and keen interest towards such belief system. The curiosity of people stays and sustain as long as it remain difficult to establish. Once it is proved to be either real or unreal, it gets rejected or become part of ‘our real life’.


The most striking fact is that the things that cannot be proved or established will continue to have some validity, relevance and use because no one knows anything about it.


The best example is faith in God. The existence of God cannot be established. So is the existence of God that cannot be disproved or proved through some experiment. Therefore the validity, use and relevance of God will continue to remain in our society irrespective of whether the reward/result provided by such faith is imaginary or real.


All human needs can be placed under two levels viz., at body level and at mind level.


People largely relate and believe only proven things to meet ‘body needs’ because fictitious stuff do not have any meaning or value for our ‘body needs’ . Whereas the mind never wants proven things but always longs for unproven and impossible to prove concepts/belief systems. Only then the mind can continuously work of such concepts/belief systems.


Many people put unrealistic limitations to their ‘body needs’ and realistic concepts to deal mind. When they employ such wrong tools, neither the mind nor the body will be in a state of rest. They follow strict diet system barring the real needs of the body, do exercise beyond the threshold of the body and would council the mind to accept and settle with what is available.


One should never offer proven, real and realistic concepts to mind to settle. Similarly, one should never give unrealistic limitations to the body. Such approach would only cause disharmony and sufferings.


At mind level one has to be impractical and at body level one has to be practical. But unfortunately most people become practical with mind and impractical with body. Our thoughts have to be creative & imaginative and should not have any restrictions or limitations, whereas our body needs practical approaches and realistic recipe. The imbalance in our approach only causes all problems and sorrow.


People believe in God and or Satan and continue to believe so because it cannot be proved. So our mind continues to question, reject or accepts it. If God or Satan suddenly appear before man, instead of knowing it as either God or Satan, man develop fear, suspicion, disbelief or dislike than like and belief.


It is not having wisdom in knowing but only the wise adjustment of ‘mind and matter’ makes one really wise.


Dr S Ranganathan


Why you get fooled?…a HR message


Ones inability, inefficiency, lack of understanding, weakness/susceptibility, getting fooled easily by others may not be really linked with ones intelligence. As true as the above fact, so true is, all our enemies exist only because of some of our above defects.


Look at nature. All the herbivorous animals thrive well only because of abundant green plants. None of the green plants would actively fight against herbivorous animals eating them. But instead, they have developed enormous capability to re- grow and regenerate quickly. Imagine if the green plants either actively defend or fail to regenerate quickly, the life of herbivorous animals may not have been possible.


Similarly, only due to the ‘innate weakness’ of prey animals and predators could survive. No prey animal ever wants to be prey to predator but still they fall prey.   It means, some level of weakness/susceptibility is created in every species of prey animal as free donation/ gift of evolution.   Only due the above, predatory animals could survive.


The interesting point is that the weakness/susceptibility due to the evolutionary reasons cannot be understood or decoded. Perhaps the nature also may not want any life form to understand the ‘innate weakness/susceptibility’ built in them. If such secret can be decoded, the existence of nature itself may vanquish.


The management message to be remembered by the corporate people is that at times when you fail or succeed and which you could not logically explain why and how, better let that remain as mystery because you cannot demystify it. Do not blame destiny or god or fate, accept it with grace and develop newer skills and means to recover from such setbacks. Never blame anyone or search for the reasons when reasons are not obvious.


The message is not against demystifying the reasons, but never waste too much of time for the above if your initial efforts proves it impossible to demystify. Look at the arduous journey of many parasites to become human pathogen. Many parasites essentially require an intermediate host/vector. But still many parasites are quite successful. It is not just because of the smartness of these parasites proved them to be successful, but also the innate weakness/susceptibility of the victims have played a big role in the success of these parasites.


The message is that most of our failures or success need not be due to our merit and effort linked. If your boss is constantly looking for an opportunity to come after you, remember you are the real reason for it although such reasons you could or could not demystify.


Sometime knowing how and why may make you crazy and meaningless. When we fail to recognize such possibility, re-work towards how to solve the consequences alone will make our life meaningful and worth living.


The corporate people must stop thinking as ‘victims’ and instead start working towards how to overcome and be successful.


Dr S Ranganathan


Why boss and subordiantes oftern fight

Every species adapt or adjust or show some level of flexibility or compromise to survive. The fear of loosing life if it fails to exhibit the above traits only makes different species of animals and plants either to adapts, adjust, compromise or be flexible.  The question is when one adapts due to a strong trigger or cause then it is supposed to over power and over come fear about the same cause/trigger that has caused such changes. But most animals, even after their adaptation, continue to be in scared and fearful state. The question is why adaptation and fear go together?   Shouldn’t adaptation in fact remove fear?


The management truth is different. Adaptation or adjustments or flexibility are meant only to minimize the risk/danger and not overcome. It means, if the prey animal has adapted to run faster than its predator, it has only developed the capability to over speed the predator to escape and not to overcome predator.


The adaptation of prey species to run faster than its predator cannot change the predatory behaviour or instinct of the predator.   It means, your adaptation is ‘you’ specific and it is nothing to do with others. Similarly, the predator too would adapt to overcome its prey.


It is like I will change because you and you change because of me. Then we both shall continuously change because of each other and let such process continue.  Because of the above, the balance of ecosystem is maintained and both the prey and predator enjoys equal right and justice.


The unfortunate part in most corporate is that the bosses would expect their subordinates to change. When the subordinates change for the sake of the bosses, bosses would continue to feel happy and proud initially as they have successfully changed their subordinates. But that would never solve the problem because the bosses would remain unchanged.  In due course of time, boss-subordinate conflicts become acute.


The bosses always want their subordinates to learn newer techniques, skills, knowledge etc., but the bosses never update and become contemporary. That is how most corporate functions these days. When people who have developed newer skills and techniques unfortunately find no utility value in the same organization, naturally they would leave their organization.   The organization and the bosses would call such people ungrateful, thankless etc., as they have developed all such skills and techniques only at the expense of the organization and once they have learned, they wants to join another organization.  The truth is that the organization never finds any value for such people.


When the organization has made its people to adapt and acquire newer skills, the organization and bosses also must adapt and create sufficient opportunities to fully ‘use’ the newly acquired skills of the people.   If such scope is not there, then the people should not have been made to adapt and acquire new skills.


Philosophy of ‘you change’ because of me and ‘I change’ because of you, the corporate must follow. It means, both the people and the organization must evolve together and not separately.


S Ranganathan


When you are sad…learn this about animals….a HR message

Why the life of most people in corporate is often filled with lot of stress, problems and is in a state of uncertainty? In fact most corporate would provide paraphernalia and all comforts that the employees need to perform.

If we look at the life of different species of animals in the jungle, the problems of all animals in jungle are real. However animals appear to suffer the least when compared to man. The problems of man is not just physical but psychological but the psychological problems are unlikely to be high among animal world.

First and foremost, we need to understand the problem definition. In human life, the problems often get magnified several folds due to comparison and contemporariness.

Most people in corporate expect good increment, promotion to next level and appreciation for their work from top management mostly because every employee always wants to look great to their peer group.   More than they really want all the above (promotion, increment etc.,), the employees want to grab the attention of others and wants to be in an envious position.

If they fail to grab the attention of others or fail to create envy upon others, most feel their life is miserable. This is their biggest challenge. The other challenge is that even if they do not look great to their peer group, they do not want to look silly.   On the contrary, those who do not wants to engage in creating an identity for them will turns to become subterranean species, prefers to be invisible to others.

There is also another challenge they face in corporate. That is, if they fail to evoke jealous upon others and catch their attention, they become jealous on others. They start comparison to ascertain their value and contemporariness.

If we carefully look at the life of animals we can find that none of the above challenges ever exist in animal world viz.,

  1. None of the animals ever try to catch the attention of other animals nor do they try to evoke jealous upon them (except during breeding season)
  2. None of the animals ever fear that they should not look so silly to others and therefore they must work with caution and care
  3. None of the animals seems to ever develop jealous upon others and would

compare their value and contemporariness.

Whether they live a solitary life or remain in groups, they remain more as individuals. They struggle a lot to survive than earn respect and recognition from others. Only when our desire moves towards creating self identity, respect & recognition from others and seek attention from others & create jealous of others, life become miserable.

Corporate people have all the three challenges viz., either they work to earn respect of others or hide to avoid the possibility of being looked upon as silly or would develop jealous upon others. The above thinking or expectation is not the only cause for sadness.   The scope of one having the three separate emotions to replace one for the other only contributes to our grief.

Imagine, if the scope for such replacement is absent, people will certainly continue to work to earn the respect of others than being jealous of others or would prefers to be subterranean species.

Unfortunately, man lacks his original identity and hence he casually changes or looses his identity. The animals on the other hand, always remain in their real identity. This is true with both prey and predator.

Create your own identity and live with it. Never create your identity and look for others to endorse or recognize it. You cannot live with an identity that is presumed to have been created by others. Such situation would warrant one to change the identity often, just for the sake of others.

Be a product of what you are and how you think than how others should think or how to earn their recognition.

Reason for the sadness of people in corporate is only due to identity crisis.

Dr S Ranganathan


Corporate with Jacana leaders….

‘Spoilsport people’ in corporate world are well known. Jealous, anger, greed, sadistic pleasure and revenge are the common reasons why people play spoilsport and would snatch the success or spoil the effort to success/achievement. In most occasions, those who play spoilsport are generally people with negative attitude and temperament. They gain nothing for themselves by doing so but would certainly cause lose to others.   Such spoilsports are quite common and plenty in most corporate.

In nature also we can find such spoilsports but are indeed different. They are quite positive in their approach, creative and are result centric.

The water bird Jacana is one such example.

In the world of Jacanas, the female birds are stronger and bigger when compared to male birds. The complete parental care, starting from incubating the eggs to rearing the chicks, male bird does. The interesting point is that when a female bird happen to see a male bird incubating eggs, would generally destroy the eggs to ‘own’ the male bird. She wants to own the male bird to mate and produce her offspring. Polyandry is quite common among Jacanas.

To get the male bird to mate and produce own chicks and to rear them up, the female bird would make the male bird to loose the eggs that they are incubating or chicks that they nurse.

The female birds in fact play spoilsport but for a good cause. They do not make the male bird to loose but ensures a gain and benefit even from the loss. The gain for the male birds is that they get another chance to mate, incubate eggs and nurse chicks.

The big question is whether people who play spoilsport in corporate ever carry the good intent of jacanas?

Many leaders play spoilsport in corporate. They do so mostly with bad intent. They only want the performers to under perform for leaders self gratification otherwise the subordinate must loose the goal and fail. They use the technique of spoilsport mostly to cover up own inefficiency and failure.   When leaders resort to such activity, unfortunately they undermine the success of the organization.

Look at the leadership instinct and management wisdom of Jacana, they do not make the male birds to looser when they destroy the nests and eggs but they make the male bird to lose only to gain.

Dr S Ranganathan


Snake poison and corporate leadership message

The poison of most of the poisonous animals spread fast in the body system of its victim or prey. Certainly, the poison has to spread fast and only then the predator can have its prey otherwise the prey might escape from the scene. It also has another reason. Only when the poison spread fast, the poisonous animal can have its defense from its threat.    The question is, whether the nature has shown special favour only towards the poisonous animals and has neglected the interest of the victims? Certainly, nature is fair in its offering to all its creation unequivocally.

Remember nature also has favoured its victim/prey the same way.  When the poison spread fast, it quickly gets distributed throughout the body, gets neutralized, metabolized if the body mass is great and thus the harmful actions quickly get limited/diluted.   In most cases, due to the above property of most poisons, the victim survive although may suffer from some temporary shock or permanent deformity.

The message is two fold. When a snake attacks lion or buffalo, it will be doing so only for its self defense.   No snake would ever attack a buffalo or lion for its food need. When snake attack these animals for its self defense, the poison need to offer only defense to the snake and need not kill its opponent. Due to the quick distribution of poison, generally the large animals like lion or buffalo may not die although they may suffer an immediate shock. For self defense, the faster distribution of poison ensures benefit to both the snake and its opponent simultaneously.

Whereas, when snake bite its prey, the quick spread of the poison immediately kill the prey to become meal for the snake. Here the snake gains the quick meal from the above property of the poison and at the same time, the prey also, may not undergo prolonged suffering.

The justice system of nature is same for both the victim and the victor (winner). What is good for you is good for me, as well. But unfortunately our meaning derivations and interpretations are subjective, partial and prejudiced. We are not relating our interpretations to the real and total.

The point of discussion is not about the science of poison. But understand the management message hidden inside every creation. Develop positive vision to see the right meaning otherwise what you presumed it to be wrong need not be wrong.   Our wrong meaning comes mostly due to our failure to connect to the absolute context. When we become subjective and partial, we miss the wholeness and the true meaning.

This inevitable management message every corporate people must learn.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai